When it comes to fashion most would say that I have a truly bold take on making an entrance or creating a splash. I’m not the type of stylist/designer that oohs and aahs off the latest trend primarily because every trend has been around a time or 3o before. Everything we see in images have been seen by our elders in one form or another so when most just have to color block – I’m thinking Yves Saint Laurent in the autumn of 1965 started that so your “Granny was blocking” a long time ago, its not new….it’s back. That same ah ha moment when i just shared that little known fashion history fact with you about Blocking is the same momentum I want to share about studs.

Studded Crystal Giuseppe Zanotti
Giuseppe Zanotti does it again

It seems the only time I truly want to take a shoe dive and share a shoe that is on my “Oh My Heavens” shoe list is when it involves dominance. Shoes/fashion that is news worthy to me would have to be cativating in some way showing long arms of strong power and leadership. Shoes that say I command the attention in the room and I will not back down until every person has some type of emotion to share is my aim with speaking in the language of shoes. The new Giuseppe Zanotti is Grand it is sexy, it is undeniably forceful and if it were a man it would be butch. Ads circulating right now says things like “You’ll find yourself debating if you want to wear these gravity-defying platform Giuseppe Zanotti no-heel booties or keep this precious pair in pride of place like the art piece it is”.

Whatever your take is on the shoe you cannot miss the mark without saying “Ouch, Wow, oooh, My oh My, Bam, Fierce or my personal favorite “Oh My Heaven”.

Share the shoe love with someone in the show-stopping crystal-covered suede, weapon-like spikes, and leg-sculpting design elements were made to be seen.


Time Square was fun but – it seems Project Runway no matter what the season is they always find a way to incorporate sweets. I vaguely remember the dresses made with M&M’s packaging. Maybe Heidi Klum has a cavity. Last week which was episode one, I was thoroughly disappointed in the selection of designers chosen. Primarily because I know tons of fabulous designers that can sketch evening gowns around this group and style. After I posted my pretend boycott I decided it was unfair to my own creative juices to not wait for that one item or designer that might provide me with an ounce of inspiration. All I need is an ounce.

Of course the designer that sticks out is the one Michael Kors called a joke on Episode One. You know the cartoon character he has such an over the top, beyond the tomb perspective on style that it is hard to take seriously. The 15 designers are showing their innovation using Dylan’s Candy Bar http://www.dylanscandybar.com/ in New York. I think it was more of a treat for me to learn that the owner Dylan Lauren is designer extraordinaire Ralph Lauren’s http://ralphlauren.com daughter. After I heard that I plopped a seat to watch the show.

Whoops there was candy falling off on the runway from that beige disaster that should have never been shown. This was a great moment to fake sick or even dehydration to be rushed to an emergency room. Anything but show the world you are a designing mess.

Dmitry – his candy fashion nailed it…literally.

Laoon’s a fool for this one and the sad thing is someone on the show is even worse than him.

The designers say things like “She looks amazing”, “My designers look great” and I wonder if they are looking at a different version of the show than I am. Perhaps, it’s all this darn editing!

Buffi said “Sara Jessica Parkers esh”, well okay if you say so – at least she had some inspiration to draw from.

Did she just make a dress of an umbrella and no candy? This is a classic case of someone that gets a job and never does what they are asked. They do everything but what they are asked and skate on by to receive yet another paycheck. Ven’s dress was interesting and the dream team called it “Candy Couture”. Even though the vision of the dress was very interesting, the dress looked stiff and uneasy to wear.

Then came the Jelly Bean Queen Sangi, wow the play off my favorite color was brilliant. This dress had so much aquatic blues and white from jelly beans. Nina Garcia said it reminded her of a futuristic Judy Jetson/Mermaid feel and that was a good thing. Allena had the Pina Colado dress sculpted from mouse pads – okay if someone does not revoke her seamstress card immediately I am quitting the industry. How dare she have candy falling off on the runway where models have to walk and then arrogantly stood behind her work? OMHeavens!

Congrats to Ven for his sweet tooth.

I guess they say in fashion one day you’re in and the next day you’re out for a reason bye bye Lanti “You did NOT make it work”


Until next time,


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