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Studded Crystal No-Heel Guiseppe Zanotti Bootie

When it comes to fashion most would say that I have a truly bold take on making an entrance or creating a splash. I’m not the type of stylist/designer that oohs and aahs off the latest trend primarily because every trend has been around a time or 3o before. Everything we see in images have been seen by our elders in one form or another so when most just have to color block – I’m thinking Yves Saint Laurent in the autumn of 1965 started that so your “Granny was blocking” a long time ago, its not new….it’s back. That same ah ha moment when i just shared that little known fashion history fact with you about Blocking is the same momentum I want to share about studs.

Studded Crystal Giuseppe Zanotti
Giuseppe Zanotti does it again

It seems the only time I truly want to take a shoe dive and share a shoe that is on my “Oh My Heavens” shoe list is when it involves dominance. Shoes/fashion that is news worthy to me would have to be cativating in some way showing long arms of strong power and leadership. Shoes that say I command the attention in the room and I will not back down until every person has some type of emotion to share is my aim with speaking in the language of shoes. The new Giuseppe Zanotti is Grand it is sexy, it is undeniably forceful and if it were a man it would be butch. Ads circulating right now says things like “You’ll find yourself debating if you want to wear these gravity-defying platform Giuseppe Zanotti no-heel booties or keep this precious pair in pride of place like the art piece it is”.

Whatever your take is on the shoe you cannot miss the mark without saying “Ouch, Wow, oooh, My oh My, Bam, Fierce or my personal favorite “Oh My Heaven”.

Share the shoe love with someone in the show-stopping crystal-covered suede, weapon-like spikes, and leg-sculpting design elements were made to be seen.


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