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Continuing to bring abstractions in fashion, Mide' has a vision for the latest collection that is sure to wow, inspire, and provoke thought.

Carefully balancing today's culture with a twist for yesterday, and the unforeseen, 2015 will reveal the peak of Mide' Apparel.


Mide' is a luxury womens' apparel line with a Bold Fusion of effortless detailing for High Fashion Silhouettes. With three signature lines Sliver by Mid speaks elegance. The Zont Collection is a bold fuse of two tones and exclusive denim, while the Skor Collection is hip and trendy.


Our Philosophy of design is to fuse analytical designs that obscure the body's silhouette in high-energy styles that reflects a unique personal style. Each piece adds elegance and confidence through quality-construction made from durable fabrics that can be washed, worn and kept for years.


Goals are to refresh the age of fashion with upscale stylish detailing from soft prints, inserts and contrasting fabrics. 1920's inspired skirts, 50's tops, and 70's dresses with edge are all fused into one majestic style. With the distinctiveness of the name, Mide' speaks to the public and fashion industry with a voice that will remain through decades as an emerging fashion pilot for the next millennium. Mide' is preparing the world for a market of elegant, extreme and exotic clothing making incredible designs exposed.

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